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National Margarita Day

Today is National Margarita Day! Today is National Margarita Day? Yes, February 22 is National Margarita Day! That conversation played out in our household about one week ago. As I was suggesting ideas for upcoming celebrations to feature on Make Every Day an Event, Margarita Day seemed like an ideal, and let’s face it, obvious choice! Why is Margarita Day at the end of February when it’s still wintery and really cold outside? I have no idea. But I don’t make the news (or the days for that matter). I just find fun ways to celebrate them. And who am I to argue that today shouldn’t be dedicated to the always popular, often festive libation that is affectionately known as the margarita! Happy National Margarita Day everyone! Cheers!

I do have to admit, Matt did have a point. It does seem a wee bit odd to celebrate margaritas when it’s still this cold and wintery outside. So I did what everyone knows is the key to a successful marriage and compromised. Let’s celebrate with a Winter Margarita! What is that enticing and intriguingly named cocktail, you ask? Well let me tell you …

National Margarita Day

For more than a decade, we’ve annually visited Aspen for skiing, relaxing and, of course, dining! One of the town’s most popular spots is Mezzaluna, which is known for its signature jalapeño cranberry margarita. In fact, it’s often simply referred to as the “winter margarita.” What began as a specialty drink for a holiday season a few years ago has since evolved into a bit of a cult classic for the restaurant.

We have been fortunate enough to sip on a few of these delights during many of our trips there. They are so good. What’s the secret? According to the article, it’s jalapeno-infused tequila. And we would have to agree. It’s just the right amount of spice to be a grown-up version of what can often be a sickeningly sweet drink.

Since travel is a bit of a challenge right now, we set about to see if we could create the magic of the Winter Margarita at home. And I have to admit, we came pretty darn close. Here’s how we did it:


Yes, it sounds difficult. But in reality, it’s super easy. Here’s how to make it in five simple steps: 

  1. Cut the top off of two jalapeño peppers and slice into thin strips. 
  2. Add them to a bottle of Blanco tequila
  3. Replace the top and shake gently. 
  4. Let sit overnight. 
  5. Strain out the peppers and seeds, and you’re done.
National Margarita Day


1 part Jalapeno-infused Tequila 
1 part Cranberry juice
1/2 part lime juice
Splash of sour mix

Place all ingredients in a cocktail mixing glass. Stir until combined. Dust the rim of the glass with crushed dried lemon rinds, red pepper flakes and sea salt. Pour cocktail over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and a stick of fresh cranberries. Enjoy!

National Margarita Day

PRO TIP: What do you mean by “one part”? Depending on how many margaritas you’re planning to make that’s your “part.” The more margaritas, the larger the part. A good rule of thumb for an individual drink is one part equals two ounces. So if you’re looking to serve two people, try four ounces as one part. Four people, eight ounces, etc. 

I also tried to recreate a bit of the magic of Aspen with a few simple decor items. I think it added to the wintery fun!

Did you try this winter margarita recipe?

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  1. Happy National Margarita Day! I had no idea, but it was very spring like here on Friday and I mixed up some margs. I’m going to try this recipe because I just bought a bottle of 21 Seeds jalapeño infused tequila … so I’m ready! Salud! xo

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