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Do you like Pina Coladas … ? And getting caught in the rain? Oh good grief. We need to talk. Your relationship might be in serious trouble! To celebrate National Pina Colada Day on July 10, we share a really delightful recipe for a fresh, made-from-scratch version of the drink, as well as a fun game to help you get to know your partner better. And it’s all with a nod to Rupert Holmes’ popular, yacht-rock classic, Escape!

They say the key to a good marriage is the ability to listen. We recently took that advice to heart and boy, did we discover a lot. As we were pulling together our plans for National Pina Colada Day, our minds naturally drifted to Escape, better known as The Pina Colada Song. It’s a catchy little tune that can get stuck in your head. But, wow. Have you ever really paid attention to the lyrics? 

Boy do the two people in this song have some issues! Husband of “old lady” (his exact words, not mine), basically sat in bed next to her and just started swiping right. Obviously the song was written long before Tinder or Bumble, so the method of communication at the time was a personal ad. But that actually makes it a lot worse. Wife, who again he referred to as “my old lady,” had placed the ad that grabbed his attention and was looking for a man with, “half a brain.” Ouch. Let that sink in … not a whole brain, not three quarters, just a half. Apparently she did not have a very high regard for her husband’s intellectual capacities.

That said, he does honestly describe himself as being “not much into health food” but instead a really big fan of Pina Coladas, champagne and Irish bars. Apparently he’s also a bit anxious to get cheatin’, since he states “I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon.” Yikes. This guy sounds like a real gem of a man. 

In an absolutely hysterical eight-point breakdown of the song which appeared on Medium.com, the author notes the most troubling aspect is, “his former (and current) partner’s response upon seeing that her new blind date was a bemused, “Aww, it’s you!” Let us be clear here — this woman walks into a bar to meet a blind date and discovers that the man she was going to meet is in fact her (now clearly) philandering current partner.”

Whatever your current relationship status may be, we’d like you to avoid any type of situation that’s even remotely similar to this one, at all costs. And we have a two-part solution to help you do just that, in honor of Pina Colada Day. First, discover the wonders of this fantastic Pina Colada recipe that uses fresh pineapple. It is incredibly simple to make and tastes so much better than any of those frozen concoctions you”ll find getting dispensed out of a machine. It’s so good, in fact, it could be considered a real marriage saver.

Second, let’s all try to get to know our spouses or partners just a wee bit better, perhaps before the “old-lady” name calling begins. And, what better way than to play a fun little game to accomplish this task!  

Do You Know Your Wife: A Quiz About the Woman in Your Life and Do You Know Your Husband: A Quiz About the Man in Your Life contain interesting, lighthearted quizzes to help you discover (or rediscover) just how well you know your better half. Fun questions such as, “Do you keep a photo of your spouse in your wallet or at work?, ”How old was your husband on his first date?,” and “At a picnic, what would your wife drink?,” among many others, will literally keep you guessing and provide hours of entertainment. It’s a really fun date night. And, at the very least, a hopeful reason to connect on a deeper level, perhaps over a great Pina Colada. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like Pina Coladas … ? But now, we’re all aware where that can lead!

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