We share the best disco theme party decorations you’ll love and want to steal.

Copy all the looks from the recent disco gala we produced which benefited our client, Doorways!

Is there any party theme that’s more fun than disco? You’d be hard pressed to find one. Disco is one of the biggest and best trends to hit the themed party circuit as of late.

Disco theme party decorations contain all the ingredients that go into the recipe for a fantastic evening. Great music. Check. Fun attire. Check. A concept that almost everyone is familiar with and can get behind. Check.

It really is a classic party theme that has stood the test of time. And disco is currently enjoying a bit of a resurgence. I recently witnessed just how popular disco is firsthand, when we produced “Retro RED: A Disco Ball” for our client Doorways. Wow. I knew the evening would be fun. But I had no idea just how much fun it would be. Everyone loved it! The attire was out of this world. The dance floor was packed all night long. And the buzz from the party lasted for days. It was everything I’d dreamed it would be … and even a bit more.

I’m going to share with you all of the details to help you pull together the best disco theme party decorations, at home. And prepare to have FUN! Because there are nothing but good vibes, Donna Summer and Bee Gees all night long with a disco theme party. From the moment the guests enter the party, you’ll transport them straight back to the 70s and Studio 54 with these curated disco theme party decorations. We’ve pulled together all of the disco party supplies you need to throw your own disco theme party at home. Because I’m fairly certain you won’t have 500 people on your guest list, like we did. Say what?


We’ve been producing this fundraising gala for Doorways for 10 years. Doorways was founded more than 35 years ago as a nonprofit organization to assist those who were at risk of homelessness due to HIV/AIDS. They have an ardent group of volunteers who have been supporting the organization since its beginning, many of whom are still actively involved today.

To raise money to fund their mission, 20 years ago Doorways began holding an elegant annual fundraising event, aptly named “Red.” And every year since the chosen theme combines with the word “red,” which is symbolic of the red ribbon for HIV/AIDS. And we’ve created some epic evenings for this client and their supporters. 


MoulinRED, which transformed attendees to the Rive Gauche of Paris to experience all of its sophistication and spice, with French appeal.

Shaken Not StirRED, a party that embodied the elegance, swagger and intrigued that is quintessentially James Bond. In fact, several organizations copied the theme in subsequent months! Imitation certainly is the highest form of flattery, right?

Club RED, a theme that transformed a boring hotel ballroom into a swanky Miami nightclub. Neon, art deco decor, palms and flamingos ruled the evening.

RED Hot Wild!, we took guests on an elegant evening safari complete with dramatic skylines, glowing lanterns and spectacular lighting that mimicked a Saharan sunset.


During our tenure as the event planners, RED has grown from about 350 attendees to more than 500. Trust me, throwing a party for 500 people is no easy task. It takes an entire team of professionals and months to plan. But it is rewarding work that helps to raise vital funds for a great cause.

So at the end of a very long day (and more often than not, into the wee hours of the next morning), it is all worth it. A lot of people ask how we come up with a different theme each year for basically the same party. It can be daunting to keep coming up with fresh ideas, but I detail our creative process in this blog.

This year, we landed on “Retro RED: A Disco Ball” as our chosen theme. We knew disco was one of the hottest trends for a themed party right now, but there were also a variety of additional reasons why we chose this concept and why you should consider it as well: 


Seventies sparkle and glam is all the rage thanks to the popularity of the Barbie movie. In addition, Broadway shows, such as the recent production of “Here Lies Love,” also reignited disco fever. We wanted to capture that energy and infuse it into RED 2024.

In addition, this was the 35th anniversary of our client, Doorways. We decided the VIP experience could be themed around “Club 35,” reminiscent of the legendary Club 54 in New York City. This nod to the infamous disco nightclub would allow us to weave the organization’s mission into the evening’s fun in a truly unique and clever manner. The client loved the idea.

As I’ve previously stated, the music and entertainment options are endless and high energy with a disco theme. We figured we would have guests dancing from the event’s start to finish. Boy, we were right. 


A disco theme offers guests a wide variety of attire options that are exciting and fun with hot pinks, dopamine dressing, white tuxedos, halter neck jumpsuits, and sparkly sequins being at the top of the list. And these hues and styles definitely ruled the evening’s runway.

Our original vision for the disco theme party decor options included vibrant, high-energy hues of blue, pink, and purple, accompanied by dazzling silver tones, as well as the potential of a light-up stage. The color palette was easy and fun!

While we were throwing a party for 500, you’re likely looking to pull together disco theme party decorations for a much smaller crowd. A themed party is a great option for any gathering, in particular one where it’s a mix of people who know each other and who may be new to the group. The leisure suits, vintage treasures, groovy tunes and good vibes …. they are perfect icebreakers.

A disco theme is also perfect for a variety of special occasions or a birthday party whether it’s a 16th birthday, 1st birthday, 40th birthday or 50th birthday. It really doesn’t matter, disco is just a fun theme for any party. It’s easy to create your own disco theme party. The good news is I’ve pulled together some great disco party ideas for you.

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Of course, a mirror ball or disco ball is essential for ANY disco theme party. And for our party we had a huge mirrored disco ball hanging from the ceiling. And when I say it was huge, I mean it was huge! But for a party at home, you probably don’t need one quite that big for your living room. You’ll likely want to get multiple disco balls, since they make great centerpieces as well. I loved that look for our event.

We rented disco balls, as well as tall acrylic holders from a local party supply company. But to recreate this look at home or at a smaller event, all you need to do is place mirror balls on top of these cylindrical glass vases. It’s easy to achieve the same stunning look. Place several of these throughout your party. Ideal spots include at each end of the buffet or at each of the dining tables. You’ll want a variety of sizes of disco balls. I suggest a few of these large mirror balls, as well as several of these smaller, eight-inch disco balls.


Set the stage (literally) to dance the night away. We created a fabulous custom dance floor for RED 2024. The best part? The LED lights at the top of the dance floor that moved to the beat of the music, as guests were dancing. The dance floor was actually a vinyl wrap that featured the event’s logo. It covered the very basic, very brown, wood-parquet dance floor that was supplied by the hotel. Wrapping the dance floor is one of my absolute favorite ideas. In this case, it truly transformed the space to our theme.

If wrapping the dance floor isn’t in your budget, purchase a few of these great disco ball lights. They are a perfect alternative. For less than $10 apiece, you can buy several and place them throughout your space. I am amazed at how much light they throw off and what an impact they made. You will love them! In addition, if you are a Amazon prime member, there’s free shipping on all of these great disco theme party decorations.


One of the things we love at every event is to create an impact point at the entrance. These spots are great areas to truly create a first impression, allowing people to gather and take selfies. Our goal is always to pull together a stunning, Instagram-worthy backdrop. Through hashtags and social media posts, this special touch can allow a party to live on for weeks (or months) after it is over. For a nonprofit like Doorways, this is a great way to spread the word about the organization’s mission.

This year, an array of disco dancer silhouettes, perfectly lighted and placed against a silver backdrop, was an ideal choice! A lot of shops on Etsy offer some great disco cutouts that are perfectly sized and could also make a groovy party door cover to greet your guests. These made-to-order items will make a tremendous impact to your party!


These centerpieces! I could not have loved them more for our Retro RED: A Disco Ball night! One of my steadfast rules of events is to find vendors you love and to stick with them. This is the exact case scenario with my florist. I love the work she does and she knows it.

This mutually respectful relationship has paid dividends time and again. But I also have a few tips and tricks I use when working with a florist. One of them is bringing your own vases. That was the case with these adorable disco ball vases! They were the absolutely perfect disco party decorations and I found them on Amazon. My florist was more than happy to use them in her design. Truth be told, they were very reasonably priced and that allowed me to spend the difference in cost on more flowers.

To assist the florist, I shared with her my color palette, as well as a copy of the invitation. She did a phenomenal job incorporating these colors into her floral design. Another tip: the disco ball picks in the arrangements were from Michael’s, not the florist’s inventory. They were hidden among their craft supplies. I picked them up at deep, deep discount during the holiday season. Again, my florist was happy to incorporate them into her design.

In addition to the vases, there are some fantastic matching disco ball votive holders available. I scattered them around some of the arrangements and it really made the centerpieces glow. These elements are simply perfect for any disco party!


A signature cocktail is a great addition to a theme party. After I found these absolutely darling swizzle sticks, I just knew I had to incorporate a signature cocktail into the Retro RED: A Disco Ball evening. They were just the special touch and the attention to detail I craved for the evening, without a lot of added expense. Here’s another great tip I’ve used throughout the years. When creating a signature cocktail, choose a recipe that utilizes liquors already available within your bar package. By doing this, you won’t incur additional costs. For our event, we crafted the Disco-tini, a cosmopolitan with a disco spin. Our guests loved it and I know you will too! These swizzle sticks are the perfect disco party favors!


Sometimes there is more great decor than you have room for or, your budget isn’t as big as all of the great ideas you find. LOL. Here are some additional disco party decorations that I love:

You HAVE to get these disco ball drink cups! They are adorable! They were highly impractical for 500 guests, but are the BOMB for a house party!!!

This disco ball ice bucket is PERFECT to display drinks or use at your bar, I absolutely love it!

You can’t go wrong with a silver sequin tablecloth, especially when it is paired with a hot pink sequin table runner.

These disco dancer silhouette picks are a fantastic addition to appetizers, any type of charcuterie board or desserts.

This disco ball curtain would really set the mood as guests enter the party.

I also love the idea of using disco balls as vase filler … these disco balls inserted into glass cylinder vases of various heights and arranged in groups, easy, effective and elegant!

These disco string lights, paired with a group of foil disco ball balloons will really add to the groovy disco mood and could be perfect at the entrance to your party!


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