An excellent and easy recipe that was perfect to serve at our casual, New Orleans Themed Dinner Party.

1 bell pepper, chopped 
1 large onion, chopped 
3 celery sticks, chopped 
1/4 tsp. minced garlic 
10 cups water 
1 cup Tony Chachere’s Instant Roux Mix 
2-3 Lbs. Chicken
1/2 Lb. Sliced Smoked Sausage 
Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning
Tony Chachere’s Gumbo Filé

In a stockpot coated in pan spray, sauté vegetables until soft. In the same pot, add 2 cups of water and 1 cup Tony Chachere’s Instant Roux Mix. Bring to a boil. After mixture begins to thicken, reduce heat to low and stir for 3 minutes. Add remaining water. Add meat, bring to a boil, then reduce heat. Simmer until chicken is tender. Season   to taste with Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning. Ladle gumbo over steamed rice and garnish with chopped green onions and Tony Chachere’s Gumbo Filé.

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