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Beautiful pink colored glassware is perfect on this tabletop with a coral colored flower arrangement and vintage plates.

Colored glassware is one of the biggest home decor trends this year. And incorporating vintage colored glassware on your tablescape is easy, with a few simple strategies. 

Why Settle for Boring Glassware? was the title of a recent lifestyle piece which ran in the New York Times. And I could not agree more!

Colored glassware on a vintage tabletop with melamine pates and seagrass placemats, gold utensils and coral flowers.

Discover how you can create a beautiful table that incorporates antique colored glassware three easy steps!

The article featured the beautiful, modern pastel glassware of Estelle Colored Glass.

Founder Stephanie Hall started the company after having issues finding colored glassware. “I just thought that it was really unfortunate that colored glass .. I felt like it was becoming a dying art,” Hall said.

So she decided to start her own.

We are fortunate to be blessed with a wide collection of beautiful vintage colored glassware that has been in Matt’s family for many years.

In fact, his great grandfather was a glass blower for Tiffin, one of the biggest makers of colorful, blown glassware in the U.S. in the early twentieth century.

Building a tablescape around antique colored glassware pieces that we’ve inherited honors the women who have come before me and couldn’t be a more fitting tribute for any family celebration.

And technically antique colored glassware is actually in Matt’s DNA.

If you aren’t that fortunate, we’ve found so great pieces from which you can choose to create a stunning vintage look:


A tablescape with pink vintage colored glassware, a seagrass placemat, gold flatware, and vintage melamine plates.

These melamine rose plates are at least 70 years old (and likely older). I believe they belonged to my grandmother, but sat in my parent’s basement for years before I unearthed them a few years ago.

They are totally on trend and perfect for this tablescape. I pulled the color scheme for the rest of the table directly from them.

While these are vintage, you can easily find replicas of these adorable pieces. In similar fashion to colored glassware, patterned place settings (in particular roses) are totally on trend this year.


This pink Tiffin glassware pattern, which was handblown by Matt’s great grandfather, was simply the perfect choice to pair with the rose patterned plates.

A tablescape with a pink vintage colored glassware set, a seagrass placemat, gold flatware, and vintage melamine plates.

Again, colored glassware is enjoying a moment. And this trend will likely continue through the holiday season and into 2022.

If you don’t have access to antique glassware, here are a few ideas of glassware colors and patterns that will create the same effect:


Coral roses in a small bud vase, surrounded by wooden twigs is the perfect complement to the vintage colored glassware on the tabletop.

Vintage doesn’t have to mean overdone florals, quite the contrary.

I found delightful coral and ivory roses that perfectly complemented the plates. I placed them in small bud vases. To finish the look, I situated the vases and clear votive candle holders in between simple, long brown sticks, which are readily available as a floral supply.

The result is a natural, organic centerpiece that was truly unique, yet simple to create. Always think about texture when pulling together your tablescapes!

Also, your table linens don’t have to match. The khaki linen napkins are a perfect complement to the white tablecloth.

They add to the woodsy vibe of the centerpiece and allow the star of the show (the pink, vintage glassware) to really pop!

Coral roses in a small bud vase, surrounded by wooden twigs is the perfect complement to the vintage colored glassware on the tabletop.

For family celebrations, nothing creates a more beautiful table than incorporating pieces with a family connection into your place setting.

For this table, we did just that!

From the vintage, melamine rose plates to the handblown, pink Tiffin glassware, and cute pink bread and butter plates … this table is filled old memories and sets the stage to create new ones.

It’s amazing how you can find pieces that work perfectly with each other, from separate sides of the family. It truly creates a perfect union!

Coral roses in a small bud vase, surrounded by wooden twigs is the perfect complement to the vintage colored glassware on the tabletop.


Gold flatware — gold utensils add a touch of simple, modern elegance every time I use them … which is a lot. So it’s definitely worth the investment.

Dried willow branches — these sticks add impact and texture, creating a stunning look down the center of the table that is easy to create.

Round grasscloth placemats — I adore these for two reasons. One, they’re round shape makes them almost like a charger … but more interesting (and cheaper)! And two, they add another element of texture to the table.

Small glass vases — if you don’t have these already, you need to get them. They make arranging flowers like a professional incredibly easy.

Khaki cotton napkins — your napkins don’t have to match your tablecloth! These contrasting napkins are perfect on this tablescape.

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